How your home looks and how it is reflected in the wider world, will be directly impacted by its presentation on your estate agents website.  If your estate agency website is boring and bland that boring and bland image could reflect very poorly on your property.

Before deciding which estate agents to use, take time to review their website.  Have a look at their current properties and how they are presented professionally.  How is their photography skills? Do they provide videos and is the information provided accurate?  You should be able to find properties quickly and the site simple to navigate.   

Lots of agents spend money on swanky offices but this does little to attract buyers especially in today’s market when footfall through the doors of estate agents offices is at an all time low.  On line presentation matters the most! 

Here at Stanley Best Estate Agents we pride ourselves in our website presentation and aim to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers ….. check us out at