If you are over 55 and want to move to a new home but can’t afford to, we can help you bridge the gap.

Many people in later life find themselves living in a home that has become unsuitable due to change in circumstances such as their family life, location, health and other issues.  Maybe you are over 55 and want to sell your current home to buy somewhere more suited to your needs or perhaps you haven’t owned a home before and would like to now.  With the problem being that the value of your current home or your savings not stretching to the cost of a new home this is where co-ownership Over 55s come in.  You use the equity from the sale of your current home or savings to purchase your share, and they buy the rest, charging a rent on their share


For further information contact  co-ownership on 0289032 7276 visit www.co-ownership.org or ring our office.