What is Rent to Own?

It’s a fixed-term rental commitment. You rent the property and are legally a tenant, but you get the benefits of living in the home you want now, with a plan to own it later.

You choose the property, and we buy it for you. There are no extras or booking fees to pay.

How does it work?

You commit to a 3-year payment plan:

You pay a down payment of £2,500. You get 25% of your money back on the rent you pay.

Together, they build up a lump sum that’s used as a deposit against a mortgage at the end of the 3-year tenancy.

For more information, please visit https://www.owncohomes.uk/about-us/information-about-ownco-homes/

About OwnCo HomesCompany registered in Northern Ireland with company number NI619748Wholly owned private subsidiary of Co-Ownership HousingWorks on not-for-profit principlesFunded by interest-free loans from governmentSet up to operate the Rent to Own schemeRegistered as a landlord under the Landlord Registration Scheme.About Rent to OwnLaunched in 2016An affordable housing initiative for Northern Ireland to help renters become home owners, it’s a fixed term rental commitment with an opportunity for home ownershipProperties and tenants must qualify.